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Healthcare-Associated Infections in the United States

Nosocomial Infections: The Definition Criteria

In 1988, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published two articles on nosocomial infections (NIs) and certain types of NIs’ criteria for surveillance purposes. Nosocomial infections refer to any systemic or localized conditions that result from the reaction...
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What Are Nosocomial Infections?

Infections caught in the hospital A nosocomial infection is contracted because of an infection or toxin that exists in a certain location, such as a hospital. People now use nosocomial infections interchangeably with the terms health-care associated infections (HAIs) and...
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Nosocomial infections: Epidemiology, prevention, control and surveillance

Abstract Nosocomial infections or healthcare associated infections occur in patients under medical care. These infections occur worldwide both in developed and developing countries. Nosocomial infections accounts for 7% in developed and 10% in developing countries. As these infections occur during...
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